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  •     Home page redesign for CNBC's Todd Gordon.


    Commercial Campaign Launch

    Part of E*TRADE's 2013 Superbowl campaign, this landing page features several new television commercials and acted as a destination for 3rd party advertising, and social media. It was one of the first times television advertising was cleanly integrated into the online experience.

    TD Waterhouse e-mails
    Various email campaigns done for TD Waterhouse.
    APMEX Infographics
    A great example of an open-minded client with a cool idea allowing the designer run with it. I produced a series of 5 infographics that illustrated the historical value of precious metals. All the illustrations were produced from scratch and I had a great time with it.

    Mobile Marketing page

    As Mobile Pro expands to several platforms and the offerings become more robust (and vary by platform), it becomes increasingly important to present it all in an organized, consumable fashion. This page categorized the offerings by platform and feature but also allowed for new feature offerings to be prominently displayed without being distracting.

    APMEX Banners
    I produced several of these promotional banners advertising various precious metals. I enjoyed them so much I even became a customer.

    Branch Signage
    Just a few of the posters developed for E*TRADE's branch locations.

    Customer Stimulation mailer

    This DM concept was meant to build customer awareness about simple things they can do to maximize their investments.

    The overall concept presents the customer with 5 "flash cards" that briefly describe how they can do more with their investments. The cards are bound in branded belly band and can fit within a standard 6x9 envelope.

    Why E*TRADE
    As part of our ongoing initiative to optimize the prospect experience, we boiled down the most relevant parts of the ETRADE prospect site into a succinct, scannable mini-site that turned out to be an excellent conversion tool. The design remains a top converter.

    APMEX Home Page Optimization

    A design simplification and cleanup of the overall page hierarchy. Top selling items were moved up higher in the scroll and made immediately actionable.


    APMEX email templates

    Updates included making the templates mobile friendly and synched with website and banner advertising.

    E*TRADE Video Center
    Interactive video library allowing the user a one-click sort by topic or difficulty level.

    Corporate Services redesign

    This project was the full redesign of the Stock Plan side of the business. The products tend to get very complex and detailed so this was a great data display exercise.

    In addition to supporting U.S. Currencies, the final design also needed to support native currencies for international customers. The final product brings a lot more information forward to the customer, minimizing clicks and making the path to other items like tax documents a lot clearer.

    Widget Detail
    Multiple functionalities within the same space allow for maximum use of real estate for this rail widget.

    Portfolio page redesign

    Another important aspect to the Stock Plan redesign was creating a more robust portfolio experience. Prior versions buried a lot of the complex information that the user would have to click 2,3, or even 4 times to get to.

    This new design allowed the user access to every type of grant in one page. They can also sort and minimize columns and take actions with one click.


    E*TRADE Mobile Pro

    One of the first major brokerage apps to make it to market, Mobile Pro began first in Blackberry and quickly expanded to all mobile platforms. Virtually all the functionality of the desktop is available through a robust yet simple interface.

    On of the large-scale team projects I worked on, several of the core screens and iconography as well as adapting the design across multiple devices.

    Global Trading
    Comprehensive but extremely clean & simple "dashboard" interface allowing a user to trade, exchange currency, view research, and check balances from a single page. Also designed were prelaunch emails, an online welcome center, and launch emails

    Dynamic Jump Pages

    Rather than presenting the user with yet another standard jump page, this experience actually draws on dynamic real-time data - bucketed for the user. Rather than have the viewer fumble around in quotes or research, we drew the date forward to a topic that interested them - its ever changing data makes it a potential repeat experience for the user.


    E*TRADE Community

    Launched in late 2010, the E*TRADE Community is one of the first financial social networks, allowing customers to draw upon other customers for ideas, feedback, and investing inspiration.

    E*TRADE Community
    Sign-up, profile setting, and discussion boards for ETRADE Community.

    E*TRADE Community
    Interactive widgets designed for the E*TRADE Community


    One of several full site redesigns I've participated in, came with it's own set of challenges. Accelerated timelines combined with input from multiple lines of business led to a pretty organic flow of changes but ultimately simplicity and clear usability reigned supreme. The new design was light years ahead of the original - information was MUCH easier for prospects to find and the streamlined content made it digestible and understandable.

    Following the launch, I spearheaded the effort to align all our design and templates for other online channels to the new site design.


    Corporate Services Brochure

    A full Business to Business brochure that covers the benefits of E*TRADE's Corporate Services offerings in a clean and simple way.

    The Right Audience
    Business social media concept site done in 2004.
    Email newsletter and its corresponding landing page.
    Mobile Deposit
    A clean simple app for iPhone, iPad, and Droid that deposits checks in 3 easy steps.
    Shaw Funding
    Site and mobile concepts for a local fund.
    Welcome Guide
    This folding 4-panel replaced a bulk, expensive brochure. We saw incredible cost savings and gave customers a much clearer path to the most important critical elements of their accounts.
    Team Combat Brochure
    4 Panel folding Brochure.
    Combat Judo T-Shirt Designs
    T-shirt designs for Combat Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

    180 TWIST

    This idea had been brewing in my head for a while. I wanted to combine my ongoing interest in the martial arts with my design sense. Rather than simply bang out a few ideas, I decided to develop a full brand around the concept so there was an overarching feel. See some sample shirt designs.

    Pro Elite Direct Mail
    This was a 6 panel folding direct mail piece announcing a new program for Active Traders.
    Quickstart Guide
    This 4 panel piece condensed what used to be a 12 page brochure. The same important elements are communicated in clean, streamlined fashion - and millions were saved on printing and postage.
    "Sell Sheets"
    Redesigned and branded templates for topic-driven 2 pagers.
    Pershing Conference Package
    Logo and package mailing done for an annual conference. The entire job was done in 2 colors.
    NAASP Conference
    Mailer for an annual conference with a location theme and celebrity guest.
    Green's logo
    Concept logo for an upscale music destination.
    E*TRADE University
    Announcement for a conference event.
    Over the years I developed many icons for E*TRADE, many of which are carried through in web, print, and TV.
    Buckslips and envelope inserts supporting various promotions.
    Analyst Day Mailer
    3 panel folding self mailer for an annual conference.